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In the study of pre-Columbian art in South America, one particular artistic tradition, that known (from the eponymous site of Chavín de Huántar, Peru) as Chavín, has been the focus of a great deal of interest and attention over the years.¹ The interest in Chavín art is related partially to the antiquity of works produced in this style (ca. 850–200 B.C.), as well as to its impressive range of distribution.

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Chavin society did not have political or economic organization so it was concluded that it was a religious civilization. The land of Nazca civilization was extremely dry so they developed extensive irrigation systems and underground canals. Moche civilization grew corn, beans, potatoes, squash, and peanuts.

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Publication date 2008 Series Monographs ; 61 ISBN 9781931745468 (cloth : alk. paper) 1931745463 (cloth : alk. paper) 9781931745451 (pbk. : alk. paper)

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Similar to the giant stone carvings of the Olmec, the Chavin created Tenon heads, which are jaguar heads with fangs. These heads are popularly associated with the Chavin. These Tenon heads are carved into walls and they stick out from the tops of many interior walls. The heads were carved when the Chavin were alive, sometime between 200 and 900 BCE.

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Chavín art represents the first widespread, recognizable artistic style in the Andes, and can be divided into two phases: the first phase corresponds to the construction of the “Old Temple” at Chavín de Huántar (c. 900-500 BCE); the second phase corresponds to the construction of Chavín de Huántar’s “New Temple” (c. 500-200 BCE).

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Recent discoveries in Chavin art / Peter G. Roe --The dual divinity concept in Chavin art / Alana Cordy-Collins. Series Title: Museum of Anthropology miscellaneous series, no. 48. Responsibility: by Peter G. Roe & Alana Cordy-Collins.

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Chavin art, an inquiry into its form and meaning. Format Book Published New York, Museum of Primitive Art, distributed by University Publishers, 1962. Description 23 p. illus., map. 28 cm. Notes Bibliography: p. 22-23. Subject headings Art--Chavín, Peru. Indians of South America--Peru. Indian art--South America.

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Chavín Culture . The oldest pre-Inca culture in Peru (1500 BC. - 300 BC.), they inhabited on the Andean basin of the Marañón River and the "Callejón de Huaylas".Its main cultural center was "Chavín de Huántar".. It was a wandering nation, of great cultural and religious influence in other contemporary cultures of the coast and mountain; its influence area reached from Tumbes to the north ...

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The Chavin art can divided into two sections: the “Old Temple” (c. 900–500 BC) and the “New Temple” (c. 500–200 BC). The art was made to be hard to decipher since only priest and high elites where intended to read it.The Chavins where very talented in metallurgy, and many artifacts were made, which displayed their genuine craftsmanship.

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Chavin Art

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Chavin metallurgy was extremely powerful, and by this time, usage of metal as solder was widely used. Gold metallurgy was prominent, as well. Nevertheless, the Chavin field of medical science was like Olmec science in that they both used blood letting to cure unknown disease. When Chavín de Huántar expanded with time, so too did the Old Temple.

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Chavin art is very distinctive with unique metalwork, here especially the exceptional gold pieces, often misunderstood and strange pottery as well as amazing textiles and religious objects. Until their decline at the beginning of the Christian era the Chavin built or left their characteristic traces on …